Each URINEO loop is a total of 8.3 miles. 
A new option this year was a 1 mile out-and-back section on the hilly "Monkey Trail".

 50 Miles
Lloyd Thomas (2 monkey trail laps)
- Distance award was waiting for him at the finish.  Needed some miles for his yearly average.

31 Miles
Bob Combs
- Was he really even there???

Todd Hanks (first ultra)
- Still trying to convince himself that he likes the roads

Kim Love-Ottobre
- Did some soul searching and decided to dance on some MMT rocks

Gavin White (1st ultra)
- Went farther than any White has gone.  Ready to keep his shoes dirty!

29 Miles

Jim Harris (29 monkey trail laps)
- Came to the abyss and then fell in and could not get out.

26 Miles

Brian Musick (13 monkey trail laps)
- Kept running until he found the party.

24 Miles
Kim Boner
- Got lost driving to Cleveland and decided to go for a run

Jacob Draa
- Still looking to stay 1 minute in front of Shaun at YUT-C

Shaun Pope
- Was almost running like he stole something

20 Miles
Bruce McMurray
- Had to hurry home to check the temp of his hot tub

Jeff Musick (20 monkey trail laps)
- There to answer the phone for his brother

15 Miles

Dan Kuzma
- Still tired from his OC 100 finish

13+ Miles
Christine Ballas Kalie
- Came, saw, and then did some running

- Kept chasing Kimba

10+ Miles
Audrey Mahue
- Ran in circles waiting for her rents

8+ Miles
Lenny Mahue
- Made a wrong turn, lucky to find the car

Garry Glitter
- Shine on you crazy diamond

Kelly Mahue
- Not too happy about needing to wear a hat

Bruce McIntosh
- Pacing duties

David Peterman
- One loop to start his MMT training

Valerie Watson
- Swam through the frigid Lake Glacier to complete a triathlon

0 Miles
Mike Dobies
- Came up with the idea of running out-and-backs on the Monkey Trail but couldn't get out of Michigan