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 Post subject: Maple Leaf Track Club All Comers Meet
PostPosted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 9:21 am 

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2010 Maple Leaf Track Meet

Did something yesterday that I haven't done since Junior High...
Ran in a Track Meet.
In retrospect, really glad that I did it.
Great way to spend a summer afternoon.
Helped that it was a cool day and we had sunshine and blue skies.
Was a bit nervous leading up to it with all the events I have done in the last few weeks.
Was just waiting for something to POP and have the fun end.
Ended up running the 1500 and the 3000.
Baby Harris was running his mouth a bit in the days leading into the event.
Really had no idea what goals to set, so he helped with his smack.
For the 1500, before we knew that it was the 1500 and not the 1600, he said that there was no way that I could come within a minute of his 1600 time, which is a 4:35.
So that made it easy to pick a time for the 1500.
After crunching the numbers for a 5:35 1600 and converting it to a 1500 time, I just needed a 5:14.
For the 3000, he was talking about lapping me, so that was pretty soft.
With that as the easy goal, I randomly picked breaking 12:00 as the goal also for the 3000, still really soft.

Going into the 1500 I was actually pretty nervous.
Made a few trips to the port-a-potty.
When we actually lined up, it was Coach Voorhies and myself as the only guys, and a handful of girls from high school on down.
Once the gun went off, I was surprised to find myself in last place chasing the pack.
That really made me sweat a little as I thought that maybe I was really in over my head.
The other thought that occurred to me as we were heading down the back stretch, was that I forgot to strip off my t-shirt and shorts to my racing gear.
I had on short runner's shorts and a singlet, but wore some baggy shorts and a t-shirt over them to hang out in.
For a moment I thought about stopping and removing the upper layers but it was too late, and would of looked like a bigger idiot then I already did, being the oldest competitor by 14 years already at the meet.
Made a mental note to remember to remove the upper layers before the 3000 and got back to the task at hand.
Approaching the finish line after 300 meters, I was thinking that this was a piece of cake.
I would not only beat my time goal, but I might break 5:00 even.
Then the next thing I realized, was that a 9 year old girl was still in front of me, and I needed to pass her for my ego's sake.
Took me a lap and a half to get around her.
I never worked so hard to pass someone in my life.
By the 2nd time past the finish line, I was starting to really feel the effort.
By then Coach Voorhies and I were side by side and pacing off each other.
He moved into the lead and I was right there with him.
Then with about 150 meters to go on our 3rd lap he upped his effort and I struggled to stay with him.
Past the finish line for the bell lap and he gapped me and I was chasing and not able to close.
All the way down the front stretch I was struggling to breath and probably sounded like a steam locomotive.
Finally at the finish line I looked up at the clock and saw 5:13.
Barely made it, but success.
That hurt a lot, different than a 5K and way different than an Ultra.
I staggered around for a bit and then finally went over and shook the hand of the 9 year old girl.
Said something stupid I am sure like, " Never worked so hard to beat a little girl!" or something inane like that.
Anyways, finished, which is always a good thing.
Got 2nd overall, and Voorhies was next to last in the men's race.
He finished in 5:08, so I was closer than I thought, but the gap looked insurmountable.
After looking at the splits it was cool to see a smart race strategy, not that I had a big plan or anything.
Better to be lucky than good.
Here are my splits.
1:02/300, 1:25, 1:24, 1:21, for a 5:12.8-official time.
Negative splits almost all the way.

Felt pretty good after a few minutes, but my lungs and throat were sore from all that air flow.
Not used to having to breathe that hard for a long time.
Being anaerobic that long is not good either for the legs.
Took quite a while to recover from that, and I am not sure I am yet in reality.
Did a little cool down, and then randomly during the break till the 3000 I would go off for a little jog or even some walking to try and stay loose.

Voorhies had paid to run the 3000, but whimped out.
Just before I ran over to the start, I remembered to strip down to my racing gear.
Bogard asked me if I was running in my boxers, but I answered, "No, these are my Jammies!"
He just rolled his eyes at me.
Something about teammate’s Dads in short shorts, doesn’t sit well with teenage boys, maybe girls as well, but all the Lakeview girls running had left already, and weren't exposed to my exposure.
For the men it was Baby Harris and Little Bogard, a Lakeview Freshman, and stud of his class, and then me.
Then a handful of girls again, with the 9 year old girl looking really formidable.
Again everybody was hammering from the start, and I was chasing.
Baby Harris and Little Bogard were off the front, and gapped me immediately.
With the race being only 3000, and limited competition, Eric was not going to lap me.
I chased and held the gap for a bit, then Baby Harris got a gap on Little Bogard, and I started to work on catching him.
Slowly, painful lap by long, exceedingly painful lap, I caught Little Bogard.
But then the little bugger wouldn’t' let me by.
All that work and he was putting up a fight.
All the way down the back stretch and then into the turn he had me out in Lane 2.
Finally I got enough of a lead to cut back in.
Eric was long gone, but I was still watching him to make sure that he didn't get his lap on me.
While all this was going on, I was listening to them count down the laps as I passed the finish line.
7, 6, and on down.
Every time by the finish line crew shouting out lap numbers, I would wonder how am I going to hang on till the end.
Around the half way mark, I realized that I am going to break 12 by a lot, and started to think about how close to 11:00 I could get.
For a few instances, I even thought that maybe I could break 11.
But those moments came and went, depending on the oxygen level in my brain.
Started to lap the girls, and finally the last girl, the 9 year old, was just in front my me on my last lap.
With 150 meters to go, I was really stretching out and just got past her and muttered "All the way!" to her on the way to the finish line.
I was watching the clock, it seemed to be running really fast as the numbers were flashing past like the tenths and hundredths on a stop watch.
Saw 10:55, 10:56, and then 11:00 go by, and then I crossed in 11:02.8.
I was in my own little world as I struggled to walk the turn and get my breathing under control.
Glad to be done, and just glad to be able to stop.
Baby Harris finished in 10:35, and meet his goal of the win.
For myself, I was 2nd in this race to equal my place in the 1500.
For what is worth, I was pretty happy with my effort and felt I held my own in both races.
What a great way to spend the afternoon.

If you ever want to do something fun and out of your normal habits, jump in a track meet.
Or better call me, and I will run with you.

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 Post subject: Re: Maple Leaf Track All Comers Meet
PostPosted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:50 am 

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I LOVE IT!!! I'm litteraly laughing out loud as I'm reading. Nice job...its always nice to find out you still have a little leg speed still left...

I agree: what ever happened to the 1600 and 3200?? Hasn't anyone told these track guys that metric didn't take over and the rest of america is using imperial units...

Slim wrote:
Voorhies had paid to run the 3000, but whimped out.

That better not be Sean Voorhies Lakeview class of ~'96 whimping out...I'll be disappointed if so...

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 Post subject: Re: Maple Leaf Track All Comers Meet
PostPosted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 3:19 pm 

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The one and same Sean Voorhies is now the Lakeview CC and Distance Coach.
Dude is only 31 years old and he tucked his tail for the 3000.
Made me feel good as an old man lining up.
I was easily double if not triple anyone else's age in that race.
Has to be a little something how Johnnie D feels at a race.
I have Sean's e-mail address if you want to give him a hard time, let me know.

Not sure why they run the 1500/3000 distances.
Maybe because they run those distances in college.
Also maybe to let the HS kids run these distances, since they have few chances to run that distance anywhere else.

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 Post subject: Re: Maple Leaf Track Club All Comers Meet
PostPosted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 7:45 pm 

Joined: Sun Nov 22, 2009 3:12 pm
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Wow. I'm so disappointed. I hope you rubbed it in good.

Haven't seen him since he as a senior and I was a freshman in college. In high school Sean and I dueled it out many times on the track and XC course. I think the first time I met him was at Ted Rupe's XC camp. Wow, that brings back memories. Sean had more talent in the blackstuff under his pinky-toenail than I had in my whole dag-gone body.

Does he still shave his head? Shouldn't let his type around impressionable youth...

I'd absolutely love to rough him up some. I may have to make if over to one of these underground fight-club-style track meets one of these days. Tell him "hi" and "watch his back" for me...

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