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 Post subject: 2015 Entry List 50K (86) and 25K (FULL) Updated 09/14/2015
PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2015 8:23 am 

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# = Legacy runners who have started and finished the 10 previous YUTC 50K's

If there are any errors in this posting please contact

Limited to 125
20 Laurie Haibach PA F (1st YUTC)
31 Sheryl Barner PA F (1st YUTC)
73 Tammy McGaughey PA F (1st YUTC)
Kelly Cage OH F (1st Ultra)
74 Laurie Colon OH F
75 Radames Colon Jr OH M (1st YUTC)
77 Brian Cheeks OH M (1st YUTC) (1st Ultra)
76 Lexi Sharp OH F (1st YUTC)
78 Amanda McNinch OH F (1st YUTC) (1st Ultra)
79 Joe Vanek OH M (1st YUTC)
80 Jon Crays OH M
81 Michael Kazar OH M
82 Kathleen Alexander OH F (1st YUTC)
83 Kara Plant PA F (1st YUTC)
84 Stephen Will OH M (1st YUTC) (1st Ultra)
85 Reuben Perkins OH M
86 Mark Anson OH M
91 Crystal Shinosky OH F (1st YUTC)
97 Lee Ann Werner OH F (1st YUTC)
98 David Hale OH M (1st YUTC)
Taylor Sowers OH M (3rd YUTC)
99 Bruce McIntosh OH M
100 Barbara Kosinski OH F
268 Sarah Trask OH F (1st YUTC)
269 David Guerra OH M
270 Brittany Dripps OH F
271 Tim Tolin OH M
272 John Pope OH M (Shaun Pope's Dad)
273 Kevin Tubbs OH M (1st YUTC)
274 Rachel Miller OH F (1st YUTC)
275 Ryan Lintz OH M (1st YUTC) (1st Ultra)
276 Victor Vouga PA (1st YUTC)
277 Cameron Brookins PA (1st YUTC)
278 Michael Schaffer OH M
279 George Themelis OH M
280 Lori McCafferty PA F (1st YUTC)
281 Angela Dripps-Chapple OH F (5th YUTC)
282 Kristi Sowers MD F (1st YUTC) (1st Ultra)
283 Rebecca Marrie OH F (1st YUTC) (1st Ultra)
284 Anthony Desalvo OH M (1st YUTC) (1st Ultra)
285 Steve Parris OH M
286 Eric Marrie OH M (1st YUTC) (1st Ultra)
287 Matthew Downing OH M (1st YUTC) (1st Ultra)
288 Victor Susol PA M
289 Vincent Marino OH M
290 Marc Ivory OH M
291 Ellen Potts OH F
292 Dwayne Potts OH M
293 Brian Philpot OH M (1st YUTC)
294 Rebecca Clinton OH F (1st Ultra)
295 Sara Williams OH F (1st YUTC)
296 Stuart Saunders OH M (1st YUTC)
297 James J Brockman OH M
298 Paul Lefelhocz OH M
299 Roger Walker OH M (7th YUTC)
112 Ron Ross OH M (11th YUTC) #
113 James Lombardi PA M (1st YUTC)
114 Ryan Sheridan OH M
115 Tim Knapp OH M
116 Bob Common OH M (1st YUTC)
117 Joe Maduri OH M
118 TJ Hawk OH M (11th YUTC) #
119 Amanda Debevc OH F (1st YUTC)
120 Bob Prelerson PA M
121 Dan Stolick PA M
122 Travis Holloway OH M
123 Craig Caylor PA M
124 Gregory Doyle PA M
125 Gavin Votaw OH M
126 Karen Manganaro PA F (1st YUTC)
127 Ian Luschin OH M
128 Tim Crow OH M (1st YUTC)
129 Jim Mann OH M
130 Tyler James OH M
131 Lauren Paulson PA F (1st YUTC)
132 Tonya Banzhaf OH F
133 Travis J Rowley OH M
134 Lucas Durig PA M (1st YUTC)
135 Jen Graizutis OH F (1st YUTC)
136 Scott N Marner OH M (1st YUTC)
137 Michael Fisher OH M
138 Todd Stratford OH M (1st YUTC) (1st Ultra)
139 Donald Johnston
140 Vagn Steen OH M (1st YUTC)
Spots still available for race day sign up.

4 states represented in the 50K

749 Kristin B Anderson
750 Todd Dubasik OH (1st YUTC)
751 Melissa Banfield OH (1st YUTC)
752 Katie Schulman OH (1st YUTC)
753 Matt Ward OH (1st YUTC)
754 Mark Moss OH (1st YUTC)
755 Bob Johnson OH
756 Tina Giannamore PA (1st YUTC)
757 Rob Giannamore PA
758 Jo Ann Shreve OH (1st YUTC)
759 Erin Burns OH (1st YUTC)
760 Wendi Polman OH (1st YUTC)
761 Laura Ferrara MI
762 Corrine Sallaz MI
763 Lin Danes OH F
764 Zach Sarver PA M (1st YUTC)
765 Barry Smoloff OH M 61 (1st YUTC)
766 Tim Simenec OH M 54
767 Gretchen Chuey OH F 36 (1st YUTC)
768 Kellie Werschey OH F
769 Chris Hoover OH M
770 Robin Zacherl PA F
771 Johathan Conrad OH M
772 Brian Damaska PA M
773 Jamie Wyatt PA F (1st YUTC)
774 Nancy Wyatt PA F (1st YUTC)
775 Gale Connor OH F
776 Phillip Lammers OH M
777 Gaylynn Grigor OH F
778 Matthew Beggs OH M
779 James Sabatine Jr. OH M
780 Joe VanDudenhove III OH M (1st YUTC)
781 Jon Kellicker OH M (1st YUTC)
782 Chris Yoziak OH M
783 Thomas Lee OH M
784 Ellen Kellar PA F
785 Erica Mueller OH F (1st YUTC)
786 Gregory Byrnes PA M (1st YUTC)
787 Laura Lewis OH F (1st YUTC)
788 Donna Smith MO F (1st YUTC)
789 Heather Heath
790 Melanie Perry
Limited to 40 entries for the 25K
3 states represented in the 25K

Mar 17-24
Apr 13-16
May 18
June 5
July 10
Aug 19
Sep 3

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