The Monkey Trail is a very hilly section on the YUT-C 50K/25K course in Mill Creeek Park (Youngstown, Ohio). It begins when you cross a small wooden bridge, taking you up & down, over the Love Log, down Pinball Ridge, and eventually ending at a paved park road. This is where you turn around to head back & complete your lap.

Monkey Hill Marathon Stats
The distance of each out-and-back lap is 5,036 ft. (.95 mile)
452 feet of gain per lap x 29 laps = 13,108 ft. of gain

To complete this challenge, you must finish the MHM on either
the day of URINEO or the week between Christmas and New Year's.

Monkey Trail Marathon Finishers

December 28, 2011
Jonathan Bolha - 8:15 (plus 3 extra laps)
Bob Combs - 9:26 (plus 1/2 extra lap)
Jim Harris - 8:25 (plus 3 extra laps)
Kim Love*Ottobre - 10:33

December 17, 2011
Rich Vrboncic - 9:43 (plus 1 extra lap) - Splits

December 5, 2009
Jim Harris - 7:40

Here is a map that shows the location of the Monkey Trail.
The red arrow indicates the parking lot where you can start from.

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